Goodwill Veteran Services

Goodwill Veteran Connections

Goodwill’s Veteran Connections’ Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP) now offers Lane County a new opportunity for hope and help. Utilizing our longstanding history of success in providing job and career assistance, our HVRP services are for veterans who are unstably housed (homeless) or at risk of homelessness and seeking to become employment ready. 

Our Veteran Specialists are knowledgeable about veteran services and offer qualified participants an individualized, participant-focused and guided step-by-step plan to achieving life-enriching work and career opportunities. Job and career-development goals are facilitated through our team, giving veterans participant-targeted assistance in resume preparation, overcoming recent gaps in employment history, educational assistance and/or trainings, computer-lab research and vocational preparation, certification and license assistance, interview preparation, on-the-job training, interview and/or work clothing options, transportation assistance, and placement assistance in job or career areas of interest and/or expertise.

Our supportive and positive HVRP services will guide and assist veterans with gaining life-skills, overcoming barriers, and adjusting to changing dynamics through coaching, referrals to housing and a broad list of other networks of support in the Lane County community. Veterans can be confident in receiving support to efficiently and professionally prepare them in obtaining meaningful and sustainable work and career outcomes, leading to greater stability in their life and community.


Summary of Veteran Services:

  • Case managed job & career planning and assistance;
  • Community referrals for housing, veteran and other resources;
  • Supportive & knowledgeable staff;
  • Computers, phones within a safe environment;
  • Opportunities for work experience;
  • Participant-specific training & employment assistance;
  • Springfield, Eugene and Florence locations.



To learn more and find out if you are eligible for HVRP services, please call (541) 431-3339 or visit any of our Lane County Job Connections locations.