Packaging and Fulfillment

Hire Goodwill
At Goodwill, our mission is to provide vocational opportunities to individuals with barriers to employment. You can help us fulfill that mission by partnering with Goodwill's Packaging and Fulfillment Services located in Eugene. Our workers can help with your bulk mailing projects, collating, stapling, labeling and other tasks.

Your Projects Change Lives
The Packaging and Fulfillment Services in Eugene employs up to 35 adults with varying disabilities. We provide our workers with a quality, safe working environment where they learn new skills and earn money for the work they complete. Even better, our employees take pride in their accomplishments and enjoy being able to contribute to the community.

Get Your Packaging and Fulfillment Work Completed
Our employees are available to fulfill your packaging-related orders Monday through Friday. Before any job is begun, we perform a time study to determine the number of workers needed for the project and the amount of labor involved. Price is determined upon the time study information. You will receive either a "piece-rate" or “total-project price” quote.

Contact Goodwill’s Packaging and Fulfillment Services Today
If you have questions, or would like to discuss a project for the Packaging and Fulfillment program, please contact our Long Term Services program at (541) 431-3309.

Here is what Goodwill's Packaging and Fulfillment Services can do for your company:

  • Assemble mass mailings
  • Bag items (socks, candy, puzzles, etc)
  • Cut, glue and tag baskets 
  • File and label containers
  • Fold bags
  • Insert materials into folders
  • Label letters and envelopes
  • Place stickers on labels
  • Shrink wrap books, CDs and other products
  • And much more


Your Donations Change Lives.

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