Nate Tuenge

Nate Tuenge

When Nate Tuenge found himself in a seemingly no-win situation, he turned his misfortune into a new career path with Goodwill’s Job Search Center.

Nate had been working at a downtown Eugene bank for three years. He had carved out a niche for himself as a merchant teller, a job he had created, specializing in business accounts and customers. But he was tired of getting held up. Three robberies in two years and he was ready to move on. He had applied at a local credit union for a lateral move out of the downtown area. Quick. Simple. Easy. He had a job offer and just had to pass a simple background check and credit check.

When a glitch showed up on his credit report, the job offer was rescinded. And Nate, an energetic, personable 26-year-old, had already given notice to his current employer.

Suddenly, Nate found himself in a predicament. The job he was sure of was gone and his former employer would not hire him back. Because, officially, he had quit his job, he was denied unemployment insurance. Nate had to find a job quickly. While at the employment office looking at resources, he came across information for job search classes at Goodwill’s Job Search Center. He had never thought of Goodwill as a resource for finding a job before, but he thought he would give it a try.

At the first class he attended he was taught techniques that made him realize he needed to change his strategies for conducting job searches. He started attending the Job Search Center three or four times per week to solidify his new approach.

With good support from Goodwill’s Job Search Center staff, Nate applied for a job at Enterprise Car Rental’s call center. When Enterprise requested a phone interview, Nate set up a practice run with the Job Search Center to role-play a series of questions interviewers usually ask.

The phone interview with his prospective employer went well, and Nate was invited for a second interview. The interviewing class he had already taken earlier in his job search gave him the confidence he needed to present himself well.

It all worked. Nate was offered a full-time job as a customer service representative. And he knows that with a company like Enterprise, the options will open up the longer he is there, moving up and possibly also to other departments, or even reducing or flexing his hours so he can return to school. All these options offer Nate the possibility of pursuing his true passion, teaching. A passion that would not have been rediscovered if he had not made a seemingly simple decision last summer to seek out Goodwill.

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