Your Donations Change Lives

Ninety cents of every sale from your donated goods will go directly to local people in need. Over 7000 people with disabilities and other barriers to employment will get help finding jobs. Goodwill needs your help. Donate to Goodwill today.

Welcome To Goodwill

With your donated items we provide vocational opportunities to individuals with barriers to employment, develop a resource base to maximize the services we provide in the communities served by Goodwill Industries of Lane and South Coast Counties. Our services will be united by a vocational emphasis and characterized by relevance, excellence, and cost-effectiveness.

Retail Stores

Goodwill Industries of  Lane and South Coast Counties has many stores to choose from. Click the link below to find the location that is closest to you.


Donation Centers

Your donations make a difference to those who are in need. Click the link below to find a donation center closest to you. Thank you for your generous donation.



Those who work at Goodwill get more than a paycheck; they go home with a sense of pride, dignity, and a job well done. They know they are making a difference in the community.